Phil 92-0051

VARIETY Phil 92-0051
PARENTAGE (CP 50-28 x Phil 80-2287)
GROWTH HABIT Erect and fast grower
FLOWERING No flowering observed
LEAF Erect drooping at the tip. Broad leaves, green leaf sheath with auricle (long-inner/short outside); semi-self trashing without trichomes.
STALK Yellowish green internode, cylindrical, waxy with bud groove. Oval eyebud. Stalks are medium size (2.67 cms).
AVE. YIELD (7Locations) 1.75 Lkg/TC & 121.31 TC/Ha
POTENTIAL YIELD 1.88Lkg/TC; 168.59 TC/ha; 293.01 Lkg/ha
DISEASE RATING Resistant to smut, downy mildew, yellow spot & leaf scorch.
OTHERS Phil 92-0051 performed best at URSUMCO Mill District yielding 168.59 TC/Ha.