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Overview of the Sugarcane Industry

Updated on May 2016

I. Plantation Areas

Total sugarcane area in crop year 2013 – 2014 was 423,333 hectares planted in around 20 provinces within the 10 regions of the country. However, in crop year 2014 – 2015, the plantation area for sugar production declined to 416,893 hectares. Further, in crop year 2015 – 2016, latest crop estimate of SRA shows another shrinkage in plantation area to 413,427.21 hectares.

Sugarcane growing areas cover 27 Mill Districts (MDs) – 6 MDs in Luzon (includes Isabela Mill District, a newly created mill district dedicated to bioethanol fuel production), 4 MDs in Mindanao, 3 MDs in Panay, 2 MDs in Eastern/Central Visayas (Durano MD is merged with Bogo-Medellin MD due to the closure of its sugar mill), 3 MDs in Negros Oriental and 9 MDs in Negros Occidental. SRA created the Mill District Development Committee (MDDCs) in the Mill Districts to oversee and implement programs and projects for the development of the sugarcane industry. It is composed of representatives from the mills, planters’ associations, Philippine Sugar Research Institute (PHILSURIN) and SRA as secretariat. The MDDCs were transformed into SEC-registered foundations or Mill District Development Council Foundation, Inc. (MDDCFIs) in order to avail of the Sugar ACEF grant in 2001.


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  • On December 4, 1934, the Sugar Limitation Law (Act No. 4166) was passed which provides for the limitations, regulation and allocation of sugar produced in the Philippines including the processing and marketing thereof.  It was later amended authorizing the representation of planters and millers in the Sugar Quota Administration.