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Through the directive of Adm. Anna Rosario V. Paner, an internal two-day OPSI (Outreach Program of the Sugarcane Industry) training was given to select SRA personnel on March 9-10, 2017 at the Luzon Agricultural Research and Extension Center (LAREC) in Floridablanca, Pampanga.

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OPSI Training Program for 2017

Schedule of Training

SRA Extension Team Attends Block Farm Training Workshop

The Extension team of Luzon and Mindanao attended a national orientation and action planning training workshop for block farms hosted by SRA-Bacolod on September 16-18, 2015. Held at the agency’s Training Center, the three-day event proved to be a successful one as all Extension units merged forces.

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Pensumil Farmer Leaders Undergo OPSI Training

The SRA Extension team (L & M) conducted a successful OPSI seminar for farmer leaders in the PENSUMIL mill district at the Luzon Agricultural Research and Extension Center (LAREC) in Pampanga on November 19-21, 2014.

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2014 Pampanga and Tarlac OPSI Trainings

Successful OPSI Trainings for Pampanga and Tarlac Farmer Leaders Staged

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OPSI Training Held in Carsumco

An OPSI seminar for potential trainers in the Carsumco Mill District was successfully staged on December 17-19, 2013 at the Carsumco  Conference Hall in Sto. Domingo, Piat, Cagayan. The Extension team from SRA (Quezon City) which facilitated the training was comprised of Dr. Dina Padilla-Fernandez, Alicia Sabordo, Zyrus Oliver Montiel and Joseph Peter Gonzales.

OPSI Training in Carsumco

Successful OPSI Seminar in Bukidnon

The Extension team of Dr. Dina Padilla-Fernandez, Evelyn Estanislao, Adel Catuira, Zyrus Oliver Montiel, Alicia Sabordo and Joseph Peter Gonzales trooped to Bukidnon on November 11-15, 2013 to give OPSI training for JA Agro block farm enrollees. The successful undertaking was held at the Villa Estella Fine Inn in Maramag.

OPSI Seminar in Bukidnon

Extension Division Holds National Conference

The National Conference of SRA’s Extension Division was held at the Balay Indang Resort in Cavite on October 8-10, 2013. An ambitious project, the affair was a rare gathering of Extension personnel from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. No less than Adm. Regina Bautista-Martin was the special guest. Other agency bigwigs in attendance were Mr. Dominador Villanueva, SRA Bacolod Assistant Administrator and Atty. Johanna Jadoc.

National Conference of SRA’s Extension Division

Binhi ni Abraham’s Lakbay-Aral in Batangas

In an effort to improve their sugarcane farming enterprise, the Binhi ni Abraham block farm staged a “Lakbay-Aral” or field visit in the province of Batangas on September 23-25, 2013. The group, comprised of 13 participants was accompanied by Tarlac Mill District Officer Mr. Joel Ronario. The activity pushed through in spite of the torrential rains and thunderstorms brought about by the east-Asian monsoon.

Binhi ni Abraham’s Lakbay-aral in Batangas

NCPC Block Farm Holds Lakbay-Aral in Batangas

The North Cluster Producers’ Cooperative (NCPC) Block Farm of Tarlac held a 2-day Lakbay-Aral in the province of Batangas on December 7-8, 2013. Tarlac Mill District Officer Mr. Joel Ronario assisted the 22 participants in the whole course of the activity.

NCPC Block Farm Lakbay-Aral in Batangas

PASAMA Block Farm Visits Batangas

The PASAMA Block Farm of Magalang, Pampanga engaged in a 3-day Lakbay-Aral in the province of Batangas on November 27 to 29, 2013. Twenty four participants joined the activity, together with Pampanga Mill District Officer Mr. Adel Catuira.

PASAMA Block Farm in Batangas

Tarlac and Cagayan Farmer Leaders in OPSI Scene

THE Sugar Regulatory Administration staged two successful OPSI seminars on sugarcane growing with farmer leaders as participants in Tarlac and Cagayan, respectively. The first one was held in Brgy. Apulid, Paniqui, Tarlac (North Cluster) on December 3-4, 2012 while the next stop was at the Carsumco Conference Hall in Sto. Domingo, Piat Cagayan on December 11-13, 2012 with representatives from coops and mill inspectors.

Tarlac & Cagayan OPSI Scene

Successful OPSI Seminar in Pensumil

The Extension team of Dr. Dina Padilla-Fernandez, Adel Catuira, Evelyn Estanislao, Joel Ronario, Rogelio Genzola, Zyrus Oliver Montiel and Joseph Peter Gonzales recently staged a successful OPSI (Outreach Program for the Sugar Industry) seminar for the Pensumil District on June 25-27, 2013 held at the Casa Ofelia Resort in Siembre, Bombon, Camarines Sur. Participants were block farm members of BISUCOPA.

OPSI Seminar in Pensumil