Phil 97-1123

VARIETY Phil 97-1123
PARENTAGE Phil 88-626-1691 x Phil 91-110-0807
GROWTH HABIT Fast grower and is erect to recumbent
FLOWERING very Sparse
LEAF CHARACTERISTICS Narrow width with long erect to curve near tip green leaf blade. Leaf sheaths are light waxy and purplish green with fine sparse trichomes. It is semi to self trash-ing.
STALK CHARACTERISTICS Medium size (2.67cm), cylindrical, brownish purple stalks with corky cracks and growth cracks. It has semi-bulging oval eyebuds. .
YIELD CHARACTERISTICS High Sucrose (2.15 LKg/TC and above); High Tonnage (100 TC/Ha and above)
MILLABLE STALKS 2.14 stalks per stool at harvest
AVE. YIELD (5Locations) 2.22 LKg/TC; 98.58 TC/Ha
REACTION TO DISEASES It is very highly resistant to smut, highly resistant to downy mildew, intermediate average to yellow spot and highly susceptible to leaf scorch.
OTHERS *Phil 97-3501 performs best in SONEDCO Mill District in LKg/Ha and TC/Ha, and in URSUMCO in TC/Ha significantly outyielding Phil 8013.