Phil 92-0751

VARIETY Phil 92-0751
PARENTAGE (Phil 79-0019 x Phil 64-2227)
GROWTH HABIT Erect to recumbent; fast grower
FLOWERING Sparse flowering (30%)
LEAF Young leaves are erect while older leaves droop. Leaves are narrow with purplish green leaf sheath and few trichomes; with short auricle; self trashing.
STALK Brownish purple internode, cylindrical, waxy with bud groove.Oval eyebud with wings. Stalks are medium size (2.62 cm).
AVE. YIELD (7Locations) 1.75 LKg/TC;121.70 TC/Ha
POTENTIAL YIELD 1.91 Lkg/TC; 177.60 TC/Ha; 321.63 Lkg/Ha
DISEASE RATING Resistant to smut, downy mildew, yellow spot, and leaf scorch.
OTHERS Phil 92-0751 performed best in La Carlota Mill District in terms of cane and sugar yields.