Phil 91-1091

Phil 91-1091
VARIETY Phil 91-1091
PARENTAGE (Phil 86-1119 x Phil 81-3415)
GROWTH HABIT Erect and fast grower
LEAF Younger leaves are erect with drooping tip; older leaves droop from middle to top. Leaf sheaths are purple with auricles. Partial to self-trashing with moderate tri-chomes.
STALK Cylindrical with waxy internode Purple to greenish purple with bud groove. Ab-sence of corky cracks andpatches.Eyebuds are oval and dominantly red in young stalks. Stalks are medium size (2.69 cm).
AVE. STALKS 2.7 stalks/stool at harvest
AVE. YIELD (9Locations) High sucrose (2.15 Lkg/TC & up); High Tonnage (100Tc/Ha & over)
POTENTIAL YIELD 2.36 Lkg/TC; 145.18 TC/Ha; 218.31 Lkg/Ha
DISEASE RATING Resistant to smut, downy mildew and leaf scorch.
OTHERS On tonnage yield per hectare, the variety significantly outyielded Phil 8013 at UR-SUMCO.