PHIL 90-0345

PHIL 90-0345
PARENTAGE Phil 79-1915 x Phil 79-3032
GROWTH HABIT Recumbent to lodging and very fast grower.
FLOWERING Profuse flowering
LEAF Non-self trashing. The leaf sheath is green with very few trichomes. The leaves are broad gradually drooping at the center. Inner auricle is usually long while the outer are short
STALK Stalks are medium in diameter (2.79cm), waxy and cylindrical shape. It is brown-ish green with long bud groove and aerial roots. Corky patches are present in ma-tured canes.
AVE. STALKS 1.87 average stalks per stool at harvest.
AVE. YIELD (9Locations) Medium Sucrose (1.89 to 2.14 LKG/TC), High Tonnage (100 TC/Ha and over)
POTENTIAL YIELD 110.28 TC/Ha; 218.00 Lkg/Ha; 1.99 Lkg/TC
DISEASE RATING Resistant to smut, downy mildew and leaf scorch, but susceptible to yellow spot.
OTHERS The variety significantly outyielded Phil 6607 in terms of cane weight in Bais Mill District.