Stop using HFCS, city SP asks beverage companies

The Visayan Daily Star – February 9, 2017

The Bacolod Sangguniang Panlungsod approved a resolution yesterday calling on Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola to refrain from using high fructose corn syrup and to instead use locally produced sugar, as this will tremendously affect the sugar industry, particularly the Negros Island Region.

Bacolod Councilor Caesar Distrito said he authored the resolution in support of the sugar industry and its workers.

Distrito said he also authored another resolution requesting the House of Representatives, through Bacolod Rep. Greg Gasataya and the Sugar Regulatory Administration, to help stop the unregulated entry of HFCS done by the beverage companies considering that such will gravely affect the sugar industry in the country, particularly in the NIR, which was also approved by the SP .

The resolution said it is the prime duty of the government to protect the interest of local industries in the Philippines like the sugar industry, which has been considered as one of the most important.

Recently, issues about the proliferation of the HFCS being used by beverage companies caused a stir all over the Negros Island Region and the City of Bacolod in particular where sugar planters, sugar industry advocates and workers oppose the same and ask to prohibit its entry in the country, it said.

The resolution said the government must take necessary steps to address this issue to protect the sugar industry and to find out the truth if indeed the corn being used to make HFCS are genetically modified organisms which are not allowed in the province of Negros Occidental and Bacolod City.

The entry of HFCS in the country will adversely affect the sugar industry, including the thousands of people whose livelihoods heavily depend on it, it said

Any action or assistance on the part of the House of Representatives through Gasataya and the office of the SRA is earnestly sought given the seriousness of the issue which will cause a great impact in the economy of the country, the resolution said.

Gasataya delivered a privilege speech in Congress Monday to raise alarm over the impending sugar crisis due to the importation of HFCS and its impending domination in industries using sugar as essential ingredient.*CGS